Help Standing Rock Fight Voter Suppression in North Dakota

October 18, 2018

Help Standing Rock Fight Voter Suppression in North Dakota. 

North Dakota implemented a discriminatory voter ID law targeting Native Americans earlier this month. The District Court found the law had a disproportionate and discriminatory effect on Native voters, yet ultimately the Supreme Court allowed the new rule to take effect.

Now, ND voters can’t use the voter ID they used in the primary because it doesn’t include their now needed current residential address. Native Americans are disproportionately affected because a majority lack residential street addresses on account of their homes on the Reservation having PO Boxes instead of addresses, by no fault of their own.

“This law clearly discriminates against Native Americans in North Dakota. Our voices should be heard and they should be heard fairly at the polls just like all other Americans,” says Chairman Mike Faith.

We are raising money so that our voices can be heard in the upcoming election. Your contribution will help us with: (1) transporting tribal members to the polls; (2) purchasing ID cards for tribal members, and; (3) filing voting information paperwork.

Stand up to those who wish to silence our voices by supporting our movement.


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